Monday, August 29, 2011

Poetry Tuesday - When Grandma Was a Child by Donald G. Harmande

(Today is the last day of Poetry Tuesday. Not to worry however, next week, Poetry Wednesday will be our new day for work from Donald G. Harmande. Stay tuned for some other blog changes and thank you for being part of our blogging community!)


A shining light arose from a house
one certain eve,
a child outdoors in awe perceived.
As the darkness surrounded
the domain of the little one,
trembling, she wondered from where
this glow had come.

The child's mother beckoned
she should be with her,
for news of great sadness
and misfortune occurred.
She sadly  announced,
"Your dear father has died,
be by my side to pray and bide."

Candles were lit
to invoke God's love,
a litany of prayer
lifted up above.

Tears of past memories
were bitter for daughter
who could not conceive
what destiny brought her.

Such a heavy load
for this child of seven,
who had witnessed her Father's soul
on his way to Heaven.

Donald G. Harmande

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