Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changing Things Up Around The Blog

Greetings all! On July 28, 2011 we celebrated an anniversary around here, with no fanfare at all; the blog turned 4 years old. Have a look at our first post from that day by clicking here.

I knew so little about blogging then - other than I had a real passion for this medium. Looking back at my rudimentary posts and at what I imagined this place might be, I have to smile... Smile in the manner that a parent smiles at a child trying to do something new, but not quite getting it right, but still trying.

In the years that have followed we have published 746 posts. We have had many people send in contributions to the blog, which is a real gift. We have our poet, Donald G. Harmande, who has been published most Tuesdays and will now move to Wednesdays. Dolores Martin was another regular contributor, who grew into having her own blog, Grace Moments. Dolores has not published much lately, but I know that she is always on the go; she will probably be back.

Colin Allyn has been submitting pieces and this has been a gift. Colin, a faithful member of our community came into the church via RCIA at Easter 2009. He has blossomed into a catechist, eucharistic minister and now blogger during this time.

During the liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter we publish scriptural reflections for the daily readings, written by parishioners and others. This started off as a separate enterprise from the blog, but has merged with us.

And now Peter Avvento, who is not only a parishioner but heads up Adult Faith Enrichment here at St. Edward's and is the Director of Amazing God, our diocesan evangelization program, is also writing for us. Peter brings a wealth of insight and experience and we look forward to his regular contributions.

So what's missing?


We want to get more people interested in our blog and blog Facebook page, so if this is your first visit, we hope it will not be your last. We hope that you read, comment and/or share things on your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Google+ plus ones!

For those who have been along for the ride, thanks for your faithful presence; we hope you will find the new elements a way to enrich our online experience. Pope Benedict said:

I would encourage all people of good will who are active in the emerging environment of digital communication to commit themselves to promoting a culture of respect, dialogue and friendship. 

That is what we hope you find here as we refocus our mission and ministry and change things up around the blog.  Please send us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for future topics in the comments or via email to

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Michelle said...

As an occasional and quite virtual member of the St. Edward's community, I would like to wish you a Happy Anniversary!