Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemonade... Keep Giving!

This feels a little embarrassing, unseemly, but I must carry on!

It started with Catholic Sensibility, but at the time I was awash in Spring Enrichment activity.

So I did not post. This opened the door to Between the 'Burgh and the City to bestow it once again. Still too busy to respond; this time working on my research paper for school.

And yet again, it struck. This time from Googling God. This one really got me because in what reasonable world do I end up on a list with the likes of David Gibson? Amy Welborn? And for crying out loud, Rocco Palma?

Who understands such things. There is no accounting for grace. And lemonade stands! It is not right to get this 3 times! And it has happened because I have never posted that I got it once.

Whatever am I on about?

Well, if you checked any of the links, you will see that this humble blog is in receipt of the Lemonade Stand Award. I am deeply grateful that people find their time to read these pages and pray with us. There are readers who comment, but there are also many readers who simply quietly come here to read and pray. Many thanks to you all.

And thank you to 3 great blogs that have sought to give this gift. I am grateful for the community that blogging has afforded us and that allows us to share our faith and grow in faith.

In turn, I present this award to the following blogs, some are Catholic, some are not, all feed my faith and are part of some beautiful community that has been formed on the internet.

1.St. Anne Pray for Us. Blogger Missy is a true friend and sister in faith and has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me in prayer, in life and in writing.

2.Meredith Gould. Meredith is an amazing writer, an amazing human being. She writes passionately and beautifully. Her sense of reverence and her sense of humor reside with great grace and often simultaneously, that is a real gift of Meredith's.

3. Baya Thread is a quiet, contemplative and visually rich blog of faith. This is a place where I so often find rest and peace just by looking at the gorgeous photography and the sparse but meaningful words. I was recently delighted to learn that our own Sister Rose of St. Edward's knows Sister Baya, which should not be a surprise, but was a delight.

4. Liturgy, the blog of Anglican Priest Bosco Peters. Fr. Bosco is tireless in his efforts to engage and inform people of faith. I do not think that he has an equal in how he uses the internet as a pulpit and as a source of community, catechesis and of prayer.

5. The Mercy Blog. While I don't get to comment as much as I once did, I love to keep up with Mike's words at this blog. Mike blogs about faith from the UK and he has one of the most deep and contemplative hearts that I have ever encountered and his also is Franciscan in every sense of the word.

6.Adventures With God This is the blog of a missionary family in South Africa. Dean and Paula, along with their children Joel and Eli live a tremendous life of faith that never fails to inspire me.

7.Confessions and Contemplations, The Musings of a Catholic Gen-Xer is a new blog to me and a most beautiful one at that. I met up with Maria in the comments of some other blogs recently and I love the look and feel of blog, but more importantly, I love the way she expresses herself through the lens of her faith.

8.Faith in Community. This blog is written by Diane, a Lutheran minister in Minnesota. She writes beautifully and richly about her faith and her life. I never stop by that blog without failing to be moved and my faith is always enriched by what we share. Diane is also a blogger that I have had the gift to meet in person, she is a spectacular human being with a beautiful heart.

9.Yearning for God. Jan, the author of this blog is Episcopal, but started out Methodist, I think and has spent no short amount of time among Catholics. Jan has a beautiful way with words and images and is someone who truly lives her faith. She is also a contemplative in a noisy world and I truly love that about her. I have never met Jan, but she has graced me so often by sending me books in the mail along with beautiful handwritten cards and notes. That is a lost art and very sacramental indeed.

10. If he had a blog, I would give him this prize, but he doesn't! Oh well, I am giving this award to that king of commenters in Catholic-blogodelphia, Jimmy Mac. I would read Jimmy Mac's comments on the big time Catholic blogs with true respect and delight. He is smart, not afraid to speak the truth and is always willing to stand up for his faith. One day we had the good fortune to correspond and another friendship was formed via the blogs, more community. He has no blog of his own, but no blog is complete without his presence, if you ask me. If you want to find him, try dotCommonweal first, he is often commenting there.

Thank you to those who gave this to me, Congratulations to those who now are in possession of it. A word about awards... They can be like memes or chain letters. As with any gift, this is given freely. If you don't feel up to keeping it going, receive it in peace and let it be!


Jan said...

How honored I am, Fran. Thank you, thank you for your kind words and my inclusion with all these other wonderful bloggers--including you.

Jan said...

And sadly, today Mike at The Mercy Blog wrote that he's giving up blogging.

Diane said...

thanks for award. i'll pass along soon.

Maria said...

Ah... thank you so much for the lovely shout out! That really was sweet of you. That really made me smile tonight. :-)

Finnie Family said...

Hi Fran

You're very generous. We love the warmth of your spirit and enjoy your regular comments. We feel selfish not reciprocating, but be assured we really value your prayers!

Lots of love

The Finnie Family.

Meredith Gould said...

Fran, I'm so deeply honored and moved that I can't even crack a joke about being so!

Thanks for seeing, appreciating, and acknowledging that reverence and humor can occur simultaneously. And thanks for leading my way to other blogs.

liturgy said...

Thank you so much for honouring me with the prestiguous Lemonade Stand award!

I have now passed this on to others: